Alain briot essays

If you enjoyed this essay you will enjoy attending a workshop with us.  I lead workshops with my wife Natalie to the most photogenic locations in the US Southwest. Our workshops focus on the artistic aspects of photography. While we do teach technique, we do so for the purpose of creating artistic photographs. Our goal is to help you create photographs that you will be proud of and that will be unique to you. The locations we photograph include Navajoland, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion, the Grand Canyon and many others. Our workshops listing is available at this link :

These last two color triptych examples demonstrate a composition focused on form and color, my two favorite sources of inspiration. In regards to the orientation of the three images, triptych #6 features a central square image framed by two horizontal images, while triptych #7 features a central horizontal image framed by two vertical images. In both instances the side images are used to frame the central image, by using the same image flipped left and right in triptych #6 and by using two images that are darker on the outside border in triptych #7.

Alain briot essays

alain briot essays


alain briot essaysalain briot essaysalain briot essaysalain briot essays