Beowulf vs sir gawain essay

The Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft (DTG) is a German association dedicated to the study of the life and works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Founded in 1997, it is based in Cologne . The DTG has more than 500 members (as of 2005) and is organised in a widespread network of local chapters. It is the main driving force of Tolkien reception in the German speaking countries (. Honegger (2006); the first Swiss Tolkien Society ( Eredain ) was founded in 1986 and published the Aglared journal; [26] it dissolved in 2006 and a second Swiss Tolkien Society ( Seryn Ennor ) was founded in 2014 [27] and is based in Jenins ; an Austrian Tolkien Society was founded in 2002). The DTG organized a seminar on Tolkien studies in Cologne in 2004, in Jena in 2005 and in Mainz in 2006. The conference proceedings are published in their Hither Shore yearbook. [28]

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I think that you won't have any particular problems in finding relevant texts or connections that have the discussion of good and evil as part of their thematic developments.  I think that Miller's The Crucible , Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby , Orwell's Animal Farm and 1984 are all examples of texts that represent the battle of good and evil in different forms.  In terms of film, I actually think that, humorously, the film, Mean Girls , shows good vs. evil on the adolescent level nicely.  On a more serious tip, might I suggest films like The Matrix or Casablanca as representations of good vs. evil.  Schindler's List is an excellent study of the moral battle between good and evil during the Holocaust, while in the most basic of ways films like Terminator 2 , where there is a "good"  Terminator and a "bad" one could represent the same theme in a very formulaic manner.  I think that political dramas such as Hotel Rwanda show the idea that evil is present in so many ways and forms that the notion of good is under constant siege.  These are just a few and I am sure more will be added.

Beowulf vs sir gawain essay

beowulf vs sir gawain essay


beowulf vs sir gawain essaybeowulf vs sir gawain essaybeowulf vs sir gawain essaybeowulf vs sir gawain essay