Between coursework and assignment

Face-to-face learning within the Law School’s postgraduate coursework program typically occurs in intensive, seminar-style environment, with a focus on discussion and debate to develop a robust understanding of the application of legal principles (including legislation and principles emerging from judicial decisions, and other legal sources) to the relevant issue or challenge.

The diverse background and experience of both students and lecturers is a strength of the program; for example, practising lawyers can contextualise the application of legal principles, based on their experience as legal practitioners, whereas international students and members of School can contribute comparative perspectives and knowledge, based on their experience in non-Australian jurisdictions.

In addition, LLM candidates can enrol in a number of offshore units taught as part of Sydney Law School's Offshore Program designed to increase students’ exposure to foreign legal systems and legal cultures.

Some molecules at the surface of a liquid at a specific temperature have higher energy enough to escape from the attractive forces of other molecules. This escaping process is evaporation. When a liquid evaporates in a closed container, the escaped gas moeclues cannot go away, and thus they produce a vapor pressure above the liquid. As the container stands, the number of molecules entering the vapor increases, and some of the gas molecules return to the liquid. This returning process is condensation. Eventually the rate of evaporation equals the rate of condensation. The container is now saturated with vapor and a dynamic equilibrium exists between the gas and the liquid. This saturated vapor pressure of a liquid is its vapor pressure.

Between coursework and assignment

between coursework and assignment


between coursework and assignmentbetween coursework and assignmentbetween coursework and assignmentbetween coursework and assignment