Causes of the american civil war essay

You may also try doing mindfulness exercises to help you become aware of your present experience without passing judgment on it. One way to train yourself to adopt this state is to focus on your breathing while meditating and simply acknowledge any fleeting thoughts or feelings. This practice may make it easier to accept unpleasant thoughts [see “ Being in the Now ,” by Amishi P. Jha; Scientific American Mind , March/April 2013]. Earlier this year Garland and his colleagues found that among 125 individuals with a history of trauma who were also in treatment for substance dependence, those who were naturally more mindful both coped better with their trauma and craved their drug less. Likewise, in a 2012 study psychologist Shannon Sauer-Zavala of Boston University and her co-workers found that a therapy that included mindfulness training helped individuals overcome anxiety disorders. It worked not by minimizing the number of negative feelings but by training patients to accept those feelings.

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia is the primary type, in which antibodies produced by the immune system damage RBCs. Cause unknown or associated with disorders such as systemic lupus erythematosus, lymphoma, and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. Other causes are high exposure to certain metals or chemicals (lead, copper, benzene, naphthalene), snake and insect bites, malaria, transfusions, post-surgical complications, and drugs such as methyldopa. In infants, blood group incompatibility between mother and child or infections in the womb.

Such was the Southern mindset, but the tariff nearly kicked off the war 30 years early because, as the furor rose, South Carolina’s Calhoun, who was then running for vice president of the United States, declared that states—his own state in particular—were under no obligation to obey the federal tariff law, or to collect it from ships entering its harbors. Later, South Carolina legislators acted on this assertion and defied the federal government to overrule them, lest the state secede. This set off the Nullification Crisis, which held in theory (or wishful thinking) that a state could nullify or ignore any federal law it held was not in its best interests. The crisis was defused only when President Andrew Jackson sent warships into Charleston Harbor—but it also marked the first time a Southern state had threatened to secede from the Union.

Causes of the american civil war essay

causes of the american civil war essay


causes of the american civil war essaycauses of the american civil war essaycauses of the american civil war essaycauses of the american civil war essay