Choosing your career essay

The third son’s story is a sad one. After fighting with his father and somehow winning, he went to South Africa to do what he wanted to do: Social Work. He had a heart for children, and wanted to make a difference there. In his first semester, he got into the wrong crowd, and started doing drugs. He missed his first year of school in rehab. Once he cleaned himself up, he went back, but had trouble concentrating in class, was skipping classes more and more, refusing to get out of his room. His parents flew him back, and he was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. Instead of letting the doctor put him on meds, the father refused, and said, “What will the community think, knowing we have a crazy son?” So he was taken out of school, and now lives with his parents.

The department offers a number of formal and informal mentoring programs in all components and across all occupational functions. The DHS Mentoring Programs are formal programs that provide enriching experiences through reciprocal relationships and opportunities for personal and professional growth while sharing knowledge, leveraging skills and cultivating talent. The programs provide a series of developmental experiences for matched mentoring pairs. Through the mentoring relationship, mentors have the opportunity to guide and share experiences, knowledge, and skills which will contribute to the mentee’s growth. Mentoring relationships require time, commitment, and clear plans of action.

Choosing your career essay

choosing your career essay


choosing your career essaychoosing your career essaychoosing your career essaychoosing your career essay