Dracula essay questions

Okay I should've gone into detail more, but the whole penis idea doesn't fit into the plot and doesn't make sense. First of all from a Christian perspective (Mr. Stoker was Protestant) that would be considered an evil thing to do. Since they are undead that would similar to necrophilia which is most definitely unChristian and would go against everything the book is talking about. Also remember, this book was written in 1897 which really wasn't that long ago. The whole idea of stakes being penises doesn't make sense as cleansing (I don't thin

Clearly, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde gave the idea of man's duality nature. In Jekyll's view, every soul contains two elements - the good and the evil, and one is dominant. Thus, it does not mean that a good man never has an evil thought or behavior. Jekyll's experiment, beside scientific matters, it was not what Jekyll expected it to be. He did not want his evil persona to gain control, but throughout the story, it proved that Jekyll's temptation was the condition for Hyde to develop stronger. This means that when people are tempted, that is when they let their evil persona to grow.

Dracula essay questions

dracula essay questions


dracula essay questionsdracula essay questionsdracula essay questionsdracula essay questions