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Another early pop music auteur was the Beach Boys ' multi-tasking leader Brian Wilson , [19] who himself was mentored by Spector. [20] Before the progressive pop of the late 1960s, performers were typically unable to decide on the artistic content of their music. [21] Wilson became the first rock producer to use the studio as a discrete instrument , [20] thus making the Beach Boys one of the first rock groups to exert studio control. [22] Music producers after the mid 1960s would draw on his influence, setting a precedent that allowed bands and artists to enter a recording studio and act as producers, either autonomously, or in conjunction with other like minds. [19] The Atlantic ' s Jason Guriel wrote that Wilson "paved the way for auteurs like Kanye West ... anticipat[ing] the rise of the producer ... [and] the modern pop-centric era, which privileges producer over artist and blurs the line between entertainment and art... Anytime a band or musician disappears into a studio to contrive an album-length mystery, the ghost of Wilson is hovering near." [23]

Certain texts in the history of psychoanalytic theory form the primary body of reference material for psychoanalytic film theory. This changes from the first wave of traditional psychoanalytic film theory to the second wave, but an understanding of these texts is crucial for comprehending the theoretical project of each wave. Traditional psychoanalytic film theory relied heavily on Freud 1961 , Lacan 2006 , Miller 1977–1978 , and Althusser 1971 for its blend of psychoanalytic and political theorizing. Later theorists turned to Freud 1953 and Lacan 1978 .

Essay film marker

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