Failure to report army essay

Add to the scene that in the United States, the President is not the maker of policies, but the executor; which seems even more evident today. The real policy makers are lobbies, banks, large weapons manufacturers, big oil, gas and technology companies, and other lobbies, which run the state through democratically elected officials but who govern in the interest of the ruling elite. So the lobbies, the State or the regime, and here I will talk about “the US regime” rather than the State – which we are accused of – because the State respects the values ​​of its people, fulfills its obligations, respects international law, respects the sovereignty of nations, respects the principles of humanity, and finally respects itself; while the “regime” does not respect any of this, but works only for the ruling elite, whether it is a financial elite or something else.

Specialist Smith, At 0600, on 14 April 13, you failed to be at your appointed place of duty, our morning formation in front of Bldg 11. At 0900, you called me and stated that you overslept and would be in as soon as possible. You arrived at 1010. Specialist Smith, you have had numerous verbal counselings and 5 written counselings on violation of Article 86 of the UCMJ in the past 11 months. You are demonstrating a serious pattern of misconduct. If you had been my Soldier, you wouldn't still be in the Army. I recommended you for immediate discharge to the First Segeant but he wants to give you one more chance. However, he stated that if you are late for duty one more time, he will accept my recommendation. As emphasized in previous counselings, accountability and responsibility are indispensable traits of a Soldier! There is no exception to this requirement and no room for interpretation. I am formally informing you that, as of now, you will report to each formation at least 15 minutes prior to its scheduled time. If, for some reason, you cannot make these formations on time, you will explain to me and me only, the reason and clear it 24 hours beforehand. Reporting for duty on time is one of the most fundamental requirements of being a Soldier. If you cannot report for duty on time, I have serious reservations as to whether you are capable of military service. In my opinion, a Soldier without the self-discipline OR enough respect for authority to show up on time is not a useful Soldier and may even be a detriment to the safety of his unit. If you are late one more time while you are my responsibility, I will make it my priority to make sure you are not allowed to reenlist.

Failure to report army essay

failure to report army essay


failure to report army essayfailure to report army essayfailure to report army essayfailure to report army essay