Fermentation research paper

It’s not that I tested my yogurt, it’s that early stage lactic acid bacteria produce alcohol, so we know it’s in there. They produce small amounts (unlike yeast), but still, foods fermented with l. mesenteroides will have trace amounts of alcohol. Alcohol is generally produced in the earlier stages of fermentation when heterofermentative bacteria are more active as opposed to later stages when more specialized (and acid-tolerant) homofermentative bacteria are absent. You can read about this (with citations in Sandor Katz’ The Art of Fermentation ).

Apotex Fermentation Inc. is a GMP contract manufacturing facility located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada provides contract services in research, process development, scale up and manufacturing of fermentation based compounds including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), advanced intermediates, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. We strive to develop robust and cost effective processes on time and on budget to help our customers achieve strategic positions in their markets. Our expertise is in microbial fermentation with particular strength in production of small molecules by filamentous fungi and bacteria. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to take early stage lab scale processes through optimization and scale up to commercially viable validated processes.

“In its kooky and non-intimidating way, Sandor’s book, Wild Fermentation , takes us on a journey through time, taste, and anthropology, with a unique and refreshing look at the current state of the world…. Wild Fermentation will set you spinning through healthy and exciting possibilities developed over the millennia by people and microbes working together in all sorts of wild combinations…I laugh out loud when I think about this book being read by the public. It’s full of easily digestible radical analysis and the matter-of-factness of Sandor’s fabulous lifestyle among the radical faeries living in the rural widerness of middle Tennessee.”

Fermentation research paper

fermentation research paper


fermentation research paperfermentation research paperfermentation research paperfermentation research paper