Internet is blessing or curse essay

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The laity (the ‘laos’ in Greek) are the People of God. Exodus 19:5-6 refers to the Israelites as the ‘segullah’ or the Lord’s ‘treasured possession.’ When the phrase was translated from Hebrew to Greek for the Septuagint, the word ‘laos’ was used. In his 1994 “Theological Lexicon of the New Testament.” Ceslas Spicq comments about the change from the Hebrew ‘segullah’ to the Greek ‘laos’ by writing, “No text explicitly cancels this title for Israel; it is as if the church constitutes a new, faithful generation.” Theologian Yves Congar noted, regarding ‘laos,’ that the word and the idea of consecrated people “is carried over in the term ‘People of God’ in its New Testament context in 1 Peter 2:5, 9-10.” As such, as Sacrosanctum Concilium (the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from Vatican II) notes that Christ is present in the assembled Church at Mass, in the Eucharist received at Holy Communion, in the person of the priest, in the Word, and in the assembly which is the Body of Christ. For those who are assembled, but who may not receive the Eucharist, a blessing from the priest or the EMOHC acknowledges that person’s presence as a member of the Body of Christ whether that person is a baptized member of the Catholic Church, a member of another Christian denomination, or the Anonymous Christian (described by Karl Rahner). The Body of Christ needs all its members to be present and strengthened in order to carry on the work of the Lord during the week. If a person or that person’s care-taker truly believes that what is happening in the Mass is nothing, then that person will more than likely will not join the march to the altar. So, more likely than not, a payer for blessing will not be “wasted.” The majority of the assemled gatherers in line for Holy Communion are another sign of the Body of Christ incarnated and strengthened for the Lord’s work in the coming day or week. IMHO.

Internet is blessing or curse essay

internet is blessing or curse essay


internet is blessing or curse essayinternet is blessing or curse essayinternet is blessing or curse essayinternet is blessing or curse essay