Marriage in pride and prejudice thesis

In a 2008 interview for the biography book La Reina muy cerca (The Queen Up Close) by Spanish journalist and writer Pilar Urbano, Queen Sofía of Spain sparked off controversy by voicing her disapproval of LGBT pride in addition to overstepping her official duties as a member of the Royal Family by censuring the Spanish Law on Marriage in how it names equal same-sex unions “matrimonio” (marriage). Albeit without using the slogan "Straight Pride", Queen Sofía was directly quoted as saying that if heterosexuals were to take the streets as the LGBT community does for Gay Pride parades, that the former collective would bring Madrid to a standstill. [49]

Marriage is the primary plot in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. By examining select quotes from the novel, we see that Austen presents several views on marriage through the characters of Mr. Collins and Charlotte Lucas, the Bennet parents, and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. Mr. Collins and Charlotte take a pragmatic view of marriage that reflects the social norms of the time. Mr. Bennet learns that a happy marriage is not based solely on attraction, but on respect, esteem, and, confidence. And, between his first and second proposals to Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy grows to regard her as his equal in esteem.

The author uses the relationships of Wickham and Lydia and Charlotte and Mr. Collins in juxtaposition with the relationship of Darcy and Elizabeth. The most fatal of these marriages is between Wickham and Lydia. The marriage between Wickham and Lydia was based on appearance and youthful ignorance. Lydia is naive and attractive; she is oblivious towards Wickham’s inappropriate behavior. As a result of this their relationship rapidly fades away to the point where Lydia enjoys regular visits to her elder sister’s homes and Wickham constantly visits London or Bath, alone. Austen suggests, without stating, that perhaps

Marriage in pride and prejudice thesis

marriage in pride and prejudice thesis


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