Master thesis object oriented databases

The purpose of the workshop is to identify each and everyone’s design potential and pinpoint their strenghts along with their weaknesses and critical abilities to be improved.
“3 easy pieces” learning from ikebana: Ikebana is an antique Japanese art of flower harmony, traditionally executed by noble men and samurai which in more recent time has been diffused all over the Japanese culture. Basically ikebana is composed of three elements: a container (vase), a flower(s) and its background (traditionally the tokonoma). Starting from Ikebana as a basic example, the workshop will evolve in a research and realization of a “table piece” (vase, fruit bowl, carafe or an object with no specific function), made of only three elements: a natural element (feather, stone, flower, shell, etc.), a man made object and its presentation (a scenery, small theater, container, light, etc.). The applied methodology consists of concept, selection and composition and the final objective is to create a sculptural object in which harmony, substraction and introspection are main items. It is an exercise with the goal to obtain the maximum personal expression and harmony with a minimum of elements. The work will be individual, done with hand made models and the materials are a free choice. The maximum size is 70x70x70cm.

In the months prior to the competition, each student must acquire an object for under $75. Then, on competition day, in a ten-minute presentation, the student proposes its acquisition by one of a pre-determined list of museums or libraries. The presentation must include statements about the object’s condition and potential need for conservation. The Culture Fellows look to their student colleagues in the Winterthur-University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation for these assessments. A panel of three judges determines the winner of the $75 prize. 

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Master thesis object oriented databases

master thesis object oriented databases


master thesis object oriented databasesmaster thesis object oriented databasesmaster thesis object oriented databasesmaster thesis object oriented databases