Mtsu honors college thesis

We offer Buchanan Fellowships, Honors Transfer Fellowships, and other awards to students who would like to join us, and we, in turn, work diligently to advance the careers of students who are here. For each of the last two years, the College has had one or more science students who have won the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship. For each of the last three years, we have had two or more students win prestigious Fulbright Scholarships for study abroad. Within the last several years, one of our students was appointed to the USA Today All-American Academic Team. Others have distinguished themselves in mock trial, in student government, and in other activities.

Students who are granted Honors Admission status are also eligible to file for formal status within the Honors College, which will qualify the student for priority registration and other privileges of the Honors College. To pursue this formal status within the Honors College, the student must file the Honors College Priority Registration Request Form, must participate in Honors Advising each semester, must complete two or more Honors Courses each term, and must participate in the writing of an Honors Thesis in the senior year. Formal admission to the Honors College does not automatically qualify out-of-state students a scholarship to cover their out-of-state tuition and fees.

I post this because I want to give thanks publicly to God for the multiple miracles he worked with Goldie, pulling her through multiple life-threatening situations, and allowing us the privilege of having her in our family for 15 years. I want to give thanks to our Veterinarian, Oscar Wilson, and his entire staff for how specially they always treated Goldie and us. I want to thank Carolyn for all of the thousands of hours over the last five years she devoted to helping Goldie lead an incredible life, despite the multiple health issues she faced. Honestly, I felt Goldie’s story was one which could hopefully help others with four-legged family members who face adversity to believe in the power of prayer, and the strength of your loved one to pull through what might appear to be insurmountable adversity. Give them a chance, your love and support, and they can pull through a lot of adversity and live to do things that will truly amaze you.

Mtsu honors college thesis

mtsu honors college thesis


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