Online and traditional shopping essay

There are still many bank specialists who are trained on IT who work for traditional banks. As of today, many of them are in management positions and still lack the basic understanding of IT and the underlying concepts and dynamics. Internet, social media and mobile are foreign technologies and foreign behaviours to them – it is what their children are doing. Actually many IT specialists in traditional banks manage IT, they do not build it. Most are also social media and mobile immigrants! This is reflected in the current state of online banking of traditional banks.

As you can see, both online and traditional educational institutions offer their own unique advantages. They equally come with their own set of challenges. That means any student wishing to enroll for any degree program must weigh between online vs traditional education benefits. A student can look at it from the perspective of flexibility, affordability, practicality and discipline of taking classes. It’s upon the student to decide which education system, between online and traditional, to enroll in. It all boils down to getting practical skills on a given field of career or expertise. Online system of education can work better for some while for others the traditional on-campus education is the best for pursuing degree course.

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Online and traditional shopping essay

online and traditional shopping essay


online and traditional shopping essayonline and traditional shopping essayonline and traditional shopping essayonline and traditional shopping essay