Questions for peer review essay

In a review of Meyer's article The origin of biological information and the higher taxonomic categories , Alan Gishlick , Nick Matzke , and Wesley R. Elsberry claimed it contained poor scholarship, that it failed to cite and specifically rebut the actual data supporting evolution, and "constructed a rhetorical edifice out of omission of relevant facts, selective quoting, bad analogies, knocking down straw men, and tendentious interpretations." [21] Further examination of the article revealed that it was substantially similar to previously published articles co-authored by Meyer. [25]

For many years, NYSSCPA has administered the AICPA Peer Review Program (PRP) for New York CPA firms. Over the past two years, the NYSSCPA Board of Directors, its Executive Committee and staff engaged in extensive analysis and discussion about the administration process, measured the commitment of staff resources to administer the PRP, and evaluated the future complexity of practice monitoring as proposed by the AICPA. The Board determined that in the best interest of the Society and its members it would not elect to renew with AICPA as a PRP administrator. This will allow NYSSCPA staff to focus on strategic objectives identified by the Board that will provide more value and resources to our members, now and in the future, rather than expending resources on an administrative function that could be absorbed by another state society executing the same program. After careful examination of several state CPA societies that administer the AICPA PRP, the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) has been selected to administer the PRP for New York firms. They have dedicated, experienced full-time staff who will offer the kind of assistance that New York firms have come to expect.

Questions for peer review essay

questions for peer review essay


questions for peer review essayquestions for peer review essayquestions for peer review essayquestions for peer review essay