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I paid $ USD ($ CAD) including delivery for this printer on 11th March. I ordered from Tiny Machines rather than one of the cheaper Chinese resellers, intentionally. If you are based in the USA, Chris from Tiny Machines does a lot of customer care before you get your machine, of course being based in Canada I don’t get any of that, but after the terrible experience with the the Aussie machine, I paid a bit extra knowing there was a chance I needed someone in my corner to help with support issues, as worked out well with my Wanhao buying via Digitmakers.

On May 20, 1899, 36 physicists gathered to establish the American Physical Society at Columbia University , in the City of New York . These 36 decided that the mission of the APS would be "to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics". In the beginning the dissemination of physics knowledge took place only through quarterly scientific meetings. In 1913, the APS took over the operation of Physical Review , already in existence since 1893. Hence, journal publication also became an important goal, second only to its original mission. During the late 1950s, the then editor Sam Goudsmit collected, organized and published Letters to the Editor of Physical Review into a new standalone journal. This established the Physical Review Letters , Volume 1, Issue 1 was published on July 1, 1958 (see archives link). As the years passed the research fields in physics multiplied, and so did the number of submissions. Consequently, Physical Review was divided into five separate sections after December 1969 into Physical Reviews A , B , C , D and E , which are distinct from Physical Review Letters . [7] [8]

Review format

review format


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