Ross school business admissions essays

The BBA program consists of 124 credits: a minimum of 62 credits in arts and sciences and 54 credits in required business courses (30 credits in the business base and 24 credits in the major). The remaining 8 credits are considered free electives and may be used for arts and sciences and business courses.  Students must not only maintain a minimum C average (or GPA) in their degree work, but they must also achieve at least a C average in their major and must complete a minor in arts and sciences (Liberal Arts minor). The minor requirement, which is included in the 62-credit arts and sciences requirement, consists of three courses of disciplinary study (in some instances, interdisciplinary). The first two courses are taken at the 3000 level or higher, and the final course must be a 4000-, 5000-, or 6000-level capstone course. Capstone courses are research oriented and communication intensive. Students may choose to complete a second minor in a business discipline using free electives.

At its founding, the school accepted only male students. The Training Course in Personnel Administration , founded at Radcliffe College in 1937, was the beginning of business training for women at Harvard. HBS took over administration of that program from Radcliffe in 1954. In 1959, alumnae of the one-year program (by then known as the Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration) were permitted to apply to join the HBS MBA program as second-years. In December 1962, the faculty voted to allow women to enter the MBA program directly. The first women to apply directly to the MBA program matriculated in September 1963. [8]

The program is highly interactive. It seeks to build on the collective knowledge of the participants. It builds on the largest on-going, global research of the HR profession that has been sponsored by the Ross School of Business at University of Michigan and by SHRM’s faculty director Wayne Brockbank and his colleague, Dave Ulrich. The India portion of this study was conducted in partnership with the National HRD Network and is the largest study of its kind that has been conducted in India. It also builds on the 23 years of Professor Brockbank’s experience in working with HR departments from across India. Most important is that the program is strongly oriented toward application. Participants will be given the opportunity to apply their learnings in developing high impact HR strategies for their departments and their companies.

Ross school business admissions essays

ross school business admissions essays


ross school business admissions essaysross school business admissions essaysross school business admissions essaysross school business admissions essays