Sample social work research paper

Pioneer Network
The Pioneer Network advocates and facilitates dramatic system change and transformation in the culture of aging. To achieve this, they create communication, networking, and learning opportunities; build and support relationships and community; identify and promote transformations in practice, services, public policy, and research; and develop and provide access to resources and leadership. Their Web site accomplishes these aims by providing a discussion board, job postings, and an event calendar. There are also links to resources such as publications, research, and an online store.

Hospitals, hospice centers and other healthcare facilities often employ social workers to help patients navigate the changes that a major illness or other health problem can cause. Social workers in the private healthcare field may assist patients in applying for government benefits and finding community resources. They may also provide clinical social work services, including developing treatment plans with healthcare professionals; providing counseling; and helping them to make the mental and emotional adjustments needed to respond to a health problem.

Sample social work research paper

sample social work research paper


sample social work research papersample social work research papersample social work research papersample social work research paper