Storytelling photo essay

Hats off to Stephen Crowley for sharing a long held passion which will now have the chance to inspire a lot of people of the under-35 generation as well.. It’s now 37 years since LIFE as a weekly passed from the scene, longer than the actual time it was published. So it’s no surprize that the subtly in work like Grey Villet’s may not be something younger photographers are intimately acquainted with. The ability to lay yourself as a photographer gossamer like over a story will eventually yield those wonderful, and very personal pictures which are so telling. I was one of the last young’uns hired at LIFE in 1971, and I so regret not having been a little pushier in making friends with some of the really great, under-appreciated photographers like Grey and Leonard McCombe. There was much to learn and appreciate there. And if you ever feel need to vindicate the use of black-and-white in this age of HDR color, picking up one of their classic 1950-60s essays will warm your visual heart. Bob Daugherty (comm 13) is so right about Francis Miller, another grand personality packed into the body of a husky photographer. Well done, Stephen!

That bigger project is document my family, but today, and for this week, I'm just gonna focus on this one chapter, and that chapter is my brother, this week in his life. His hobbies, his interests, and his family, they're gonna change over the years. I wanna capture this moment in their lives. (upbeat music) (camera shutter) Join me as I travel back to my home state of Oklahoma, to document my brother, his family, and some of his quirky hobbies, in this attempt to construct a photo-essay about his life.

Storytelling photo essay

storytelling photo essay


storytelling photo essaystorytelling photo essaystorytelling photo essaystorytelling photo essay