Thesis for hate crimes

What some commentators termed "The Goldhagen Affair" [34] began in late 1996, when Goldhagen visited Berlin to participate in debate on television and in lecture halls before capacity crowds, on a book tour. [35] [36] Although Hitler's Willing Executioners was sharply criticized in Germany at its debut, [37] the intense public interest in the book secured the author much celebrity among Germans, so much so that Harold Marcuse characterizes him as "the darling of the German public". [38] Many media voices noted that, while the book launched passionate national discussion about the Holocaust, [39] this discussion was carried out civilly and respectfully. Goldhagen's book tour became, in the opinion of some German media voices, "a triumphant march", as "the open-mindedness that Goldhagen encountered in the land of the perpetrators" was "gratifying" and something of which Germans ought to be proud, even in the context of a book which sought, according to some critics, to "erase the distinction between Germans and Nazis". [34]

I wouldn’t say a “hate group.” First you have to have some power to be a hate group, able to make some change, and your really just preaching to the choir (few though they may be.) While you do give off your basic unsubstantiated opinions, (the list above) that doesn’t make you a hate group, just closed minded and ignorant. Once again, the only people who believe you are people who already believe your narrative. Its funny though, the Southern Poverty Law Center is the same way, preaching to the choir while the general population doesn’t even realize they exist, just like your group.

Thesis for hate crimes

thesis for hate crimes


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