Things that they carried essay

With Dean distracted by Sam not answering his phone Cole again attacks Dean leading to a struggle where the Khan Worm emerges and is quickly killed. Dean tells Sam to bring Kit over quickly as the dehydration worked but Sam responds that it was too late and he’d had to kill Kit. He tells Cole he’s sorry but Cole says he understands and will help Jemma cover up the death. Cole thanks Dean for not letting him give up and says he’s looking forward to going home to his family. After Cole leaves Dean tells Sam not to blame himself for Kit but Sam says can’t help it. Dean replies that “sometimes you can do everything right but the guy still dies” as Dean walks away Sam begins to realise he may not be able to save his brother.

While the soldiers wait for the helicopter to carry Lavender’s body away, they smoke his marijuana. They make jokes about Lavender’s tranquilizer abuse and rationalize that he probably was too numb to feel pain when he was shot. Cross leads his men to the village of Than Khe—where the soldiers burn everything and shoot dogs and chickens—and then on a march through the late afternoon heat. When they stop for the evening, Cross digs a foxhole in the ground and sits at the bottom of it, crying. Meanwhile, Kiowa and Norman Bowker sit in the darkness discussing the short span between life and death in an attempt to make sense of the situation. In the ensuing silence, Kiowa marvels at how Lavender fell so quickly and how he was zipping up his pants one second and dead the next. He finds something unchristian about the lack of drama surrounding this type of death and wonders why he cannot openly lament it like Cross does.

Things that they carried essay

things that they carried essay


things that they carried essaythings that they carried essaythings that they carried essaythings that they carried essay