Tips for mba essays

n overwhelming number of international MBA aspirants have queries related to the admissions process for international business schools. The levels of awareness vary considerably, depending on where they are in this race. There are those who’ve done a little bit of research – in the areas of schools, entrance tests, essays, recos – but not enough to provide a complete picture. Then there are those who are somewhere midway in the process ( ‘I’ve got a GMAT score. Now what?’ ). There’s also a section that wants a confirmation of whether they are heading in the right direction.
Based on our several years of experience in this field, we’ve tried to create a generic list of steps that a new candidate could consider. This is not a perfect list (it’ll be impractical to even aim for something like a ‘perfect list’), but we are hoping many candidates would be able to use it as a starting point and customise it based on their current status and career objectives.  

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Tips for mba essays

tips for mba essays


tips for mba essaystips for mba essaystips for mba essaystips for mba essays