Types of essays synthesis

Types of Argument Essays Type Focus Thesis (SIRV) Topic sentences identify Body Paragraphs Common conclusions Debate favor one option in opposition to others of option arguments/counter-arguments provide evidence to support arguments/to counter opposing arguments strength of pro position; call to support Toulmin Model establish a claim of claim data, warrants, backing, rebuttals
(Barnet and Bedau 251-9) Data: the premises/evidence in support of claim
Warrants: Reasons why grounds support or guarantee the claim
Backing: reasons for accepting the grounds as good
Rebuttals: identifying and responding to objections
(Barnet and Bedau 251-9) summation Rogerian Model weigh options and recommend strongest of issue relative strengths/weaknesses analyze strengths/weaknesses
analyze relative weights qualified call for response; request for further study Persuasive new course of action/new idea of issue reasons support proposed view/course of action provide evidence to support proposal;
provide anecdotal or human interest support for action or view plea, often emotional, for support Satire flawed position held up to ridicule using a variety of figures of speech of issue qualities of position/steps to implementation narrative describing qualities/nature;
narrative/arguments outlining action plan SIRV of benefits;
call for action (ironic)

Types of essays synthesis

types of essays synthesis


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