Upsc essay preparation

The book covers all the topics of India’s geography like climate, topography and much more. The book is divided into chapters for easy understanding of the students. It covers all major components of geography like Drainage, Seasons, Structure, Wildlife Parks and other facets of the nation, with a separate chapter for natural resources. All chapters have been comprehensively explained so that readers of this book experience no difficulty in clearing and understanding the concepts of Geography. At the end of the book, a questionnaire of MCQs has been provided so that students can check their understanding and gain an idea about the type of questions asked in the various competitive examinations.

The Indian Railway Service is in charge of the huge network of railways in India which itself is divided into the Indian Railway Traffic Services, the Indian Railway Personnel Services, the Indian Railway Accounts Services and the Railway Police Service. The Railway Police Service is responsible for maintaining the security of the whole system and especially the passengers. The Indian Railway Traffic Service deals with the scheduling of trains and the passengers and the freight carried by these trains. The Indian Railway Personnel Service is the branch which deals with the recruitment of the officers and other administrative workers and the Indian Railway Accounts Services is in charge of looking after the accounts of this vast system. These are the

Upsc essay preparation

upsc essay preparation


upsc essay preparationupsc essay preparationupsc essay preparationupsc essay preparation