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Housed in the department of English language and literature in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program is a three-year, 45-hour program, providing broad exposure to literary studies and literary theory as well as the more traditional creative writing curriculum. A thesis is required and is typically a book-length creative work (group of poems, a novel or a short story collection) of a quality that compares favorably with work being published by university presses and commercial publishers.

Foreign affairs have also changed in regard to the complexities of democratization movements in traditionally non-democratic regions. Popular revolutions in nations like Libya and Egypt have been based on the will among the average person in those countries to demand democratic representation. Not dissimilar is the conflict in Ukraine that requires a more nuanced understanding of the democratic process in culturally and ethnically divided nations. Public administration skills  must include a conception of democracy not as an either/or binary, but a spectrum.

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Usc creative writing

usc creative writing


usc creative writingusc creative writingusc creative writingusc creative writing