Uva admissions college essay

You are a good student and would be competitive for those schools but I do not give opinions on someone’s chances at a particular college. Selective colleges like those you list are all looking first at the grades you have and the classes you took to get those grades. They also look at your test scores but good grades and test scores alone will not get you into a selective college. They also consider your extracurricular activities, your personal background, volunteer activities, your essays and other factors. Selective colleges are looking not only for strong students but also interesting students that will make for an interesting class. This means different things for different colleges.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with Maggie, my daughter, and me.  Your insightful advice about the application process was just what we needed.  Your frank and deliberate presentation and subsequent personal meeting was a breath of fresh air.  After visiting a number of schools and meeting many admissions representatives, I felt that we really learned something about the process at the University of Virginia and about applying to college or university in general.  We will be taking your advice down to the letter and keeping our fingers and toes crossed.  Thank you again!!

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Uva admissions college essay

uva admissions college essay


uva admissions college essayuva admissions college essayuva admissions college essayuva admissions college essay