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Greg Page is the chairman and CEO of Cargill, a $100-billion-plus company with more than 70 business units. He keeps his top team small: The company’s senior governing body, the Cargill Leadership Team, contains just six people. The CLT’s role is to allocate human and financial capital and set the broad strategy, messaging, and tone, but it is committed to shared leadership, with several layers of responsibility. The next layer is the Corporate Center, which includes CLT members and about 25 others who serve as functional and platform leaders (the latter oversee the business units). The non-CLT Corporate Center members are “tagged,” to use Cargill terminology, to a CLT member to ensure that administrative matters and accountabilities are aligned and appropriately handled. Members of the Corporate Center, along with some business unit leaders and next-level functional leaders, populate 12 committees, including the corporate food risk committee, the technology committee, the strategy and capital committee, the people team, the business conduct committee, and the Cargill brand reputation committee; these set company policy and direction. Many of the functions and business units mimic this model, handling daily operations with leadership teams that share best practices and tackle key issues collectively.

Walgreens research papers

walgreens research papers


walgreens research paperswalgreens research paperswalgreens research paperswalgreens research papers